2016 The National Book Festival hosted by the Library of Congress

Book Collage.jpg

(Click on the title and author names for more info)

The answer is yes. I did not to the National Book Festival, and it was amazing. I went to two Q and As for the graphic novelist, Gene Luen Yang, who wrote American Born Chinese and  Boxers and Saints, and also I saw the author Kiersten White who wrote And I Darken and Illusions of Fate.  Both answered fascinating questions about their novels and writing process! It honestly made me want to pick up a pen and paper.

Then, I somewhat indirectly met both of the at their signings. I only mumbled a sentence to Yang, because he had a line out the door, but I managed to have a conversation with Kiersten White. I can verify now that she is awesome, even more of a reason to start one of her books sooner than later.

For my final event, I viewed the panel discussion about books being adapted into movies. It’s the top, middle picture. If you look closely and squint, you can see Patrick Ness. The panel talked about his upcoming book-adapted-movie, A Monster Calls. Should I also mention that Katerine Paterson was there talking as well, the woman who wrote Bridge to Terabithia? Yes, I think I shall.

So apparently, unbeknownst to me, Washington is a hub for literature lovers.


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